clothing, backpack, fitness…

All what you have to know for being perfect prepared!

Who do I have to be dressed?

Foggy and wet in the valley but warm and sunny on the mountains? Hot summer weather but prospect of thunderstorms on the peak?


It is not always easy to be perfect dressed for hiking in the mountains. Please find here my recommendations.

What do I have to put in my backpack?

Don't agonise your head while you back your backpack. It is very easy whit my checklists!

fitness, health and accident insurance

 I have a couple of recommendations for you to protect you for incidents and accidents in the mountains.

Cellphones & Co…

Hiking is a good way to leave the stress of your daily routines behind you. The issue of spending time in the mountains is to enjoy nature, feel your own body and to savor a perfect day.


Being on the telephone, writing messages, checking your social media accounts and listen to music during hiking in the mountains steals not only precious moments. Besides that it could be very dangerous.


Therefore I kindly also you to leave your cellphone unhearable in your backpack. Thanks!